Sonata in C major Mozart 


MusicalLife 001
  • MusicalLife 001
    First attempt at trying to play the harp at the age of 17 at Oundle school.
  • MusicalLife 002
    Chamber music at Oundle school with a little more assurance
  • MusicalLife 003
    The harp I bought for 50 shillings and restored. Rehearsal with the National Youth Orchestra at the age of 19
  • MusicalLife 004
    The National Youth Orchestra c.19 years old.
  • MusicalLife 005
    My wonderful first teacher Frances Callow who had studied in Paris with Henriette Renié
  • MusicalLife 006
    The student orchestra of Great Britain with Sir Malcolm Sargent conducting - Britten's young Person's Guide to the Orchestra at the Royal Festival hall c.1957
  • MusicalLife 007
    David with his teacher Solange Renié - niece of Henriette Renié.
  • MusicalLife 008
    Israel Competition 1962, playing in the second round - Fauré Impromptu.
  • MusicalLife 009
    Pierre Jamet and Jacqueline Borot at the 1962 Israel competition.
  • MusicalLife 010
    Uncle Harry, (Harry Brown) who paid for much of my studies in Paris and introduced me to the visual arts as well. I have an enormous feeling of gratitude for what he did.
  • MusicalLife 077
    Playing duets with Uncle Harry, (Harry Brown)
  • MusicalLife 078
    Uncle Harry, (Harry Brown)
  • MusicalLife 011
    Uncle Harry with the composer and painter Peter Mieg at Lenzburg in Switzerland.
  • MusicalLife 012
    Turning pages for the harpsichordist of the ensemble ArsRediviva at the Brown House in Baden.
  • MusicalLife 013
    30 years later giving a recital in the same gallery.
  • MusicalLife 014
    Notice photos in the cabinet: Dinu Lipatti, Clara Haskill, Fernand Caratgé, Harry Brown & myself !! Notice the magnificent Monet on the right.
  • MusicalLife 015
    In front of my favourite Cezanne landscape.
  • MusicalLife 016
    In the entrance hall waiting to play.
  • MusicalLife 017
    With the composer Elizabeth Poston outside Rook's Nest House (Howards End).
  • MusicalLife 018
    Rehearsal for Elizabeth Poston's "English Day Book" written for the Farnham Girls choir and David Watkins.
  • MusicalLife 019
    Discussing a musical point with (Sir) Colin Davis during a recording of the "Trojans" by Berlioz and with the Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden.
  • MusicalLife 020
    Photo from Music Herald Magazine of six harps. Members of the orchestra said "David's at stud again".
  • MusicalLife 021
    Had a great friendship with Zoltan Kodaly and his young wife Sarolta. He introduced me to George Solti and the R.O.H. Orchestra.
  • MusicalLife 022
    Forty years later after my recital in Budapest with Sarolta Kodaly.
  • MusicalLife 023
    What a moving experience that was.
  • MusicalLife 024
    Teaching publicity for Boosey and Hawkes and the Aoyama lever harp.
  • MusicalLife 025
    A line up of well known judges for the harp competition in the Isle of Man. Rodney Slatford and David Dunn in the background. Natalia Shameyeva, Karl Patras, Evelyn Barbarolli, Susanna Mildonian, Francis Pierre, Emmy Hürlimann, Mario Falcao, David Watkins
  • MusicalLife 026
    The London Early Music Group Alan Lumsden, Oliver Brookes, David Watkins, Paul Elliot, James Tyler
  • MusicalLife 027
    Stokowski conducting when I was a soloist in Paufnik's Universal Prayer.
  • MusicalLife 028
    With Sidonie and Marie Goossens.

  • MusicalLife 029
    Waiting to play in the Royal Chapel at Versailles
  • MusicalLife 030
    Taking a bow
  • MusicalLife 031
    Maria Korchinska and Phia Berghout.
  • MusicalLife 032
    Walter Susskind and David Watkins studying the score of the Concertino Pastorale (by David Watkins) before the performance by the L.P.O. at the Royal Festival Hall.
  • MusicalLife 033
    David Watkins rehearsing his own Concertino Pastorale with the L.P.O. for a concert at the Royal Festival Hall Walter Susskind conducting.
  • MusicalLife 034
    Rehearsing Debussy's Danses with the Belgian Chamber Orchestra at the Elizabeth Hall.
  • MusicalLife 035
    Jana Bouskova, Susanna Mildonian, David Watkins, Marielle Nordmann in Budapest.
  • MusicalLife 036
    Another line up which also includes Andrea Vigh.
  • MusicalLife 037
    Marielle Nordmann sight reading!
  • MusicalLife 038
    David Watkins with Helga Storck.
  • MusicalLife 039
    With the distinguished Italian guitarist Claudio Piastra
  • MusicalLife 040
    With Isabelle Moretti and Catherine Michel.
  • MusicalLife 041
    Jakez François and Isabelle Moretti.
  • MusicalLife 042
    Germaine Lorenzini.
  • MusicalLife 043
    Marielle Nordmann and Mairie-Claire Jamet.
  • MusicalLife 044
    With Jana Bouskova.
  • MusicalLife 045
    With Autonella Valenti Cardiff 1991.
  • MusicalLife 046
    With Osian and Renee Ellis.
  • MusicalLife 047
    With Helga Storck.
  • MusicalLife 048
    Recital at Burghley House, Stamford with Charlotte Rothschild for Norma and John Major.
  • MusicalLife 049
    With Maxim Shostakovitch after concert at the Royal Festival hall. We were both born on the same day.
  • MusicalLife 050
    With Vera Dulova and Varvara Ivanova when she played my Petite Suite in Moscow.
  • MusicalLife 051
    With Varvara Ivanova.
  • MusicalLife 052
    With Vera Dulova.

  • MusicalLife 053
    With Nathalia Shameyeva and an interview for the radio Moscow.
  • MusicalLife 054
    With Josef Molnar in Moscow.
  • MusicalLife 055
    Writing up my papers for the competition in Moscow.
  • MusicalLife 056
    With Olga Erdeli in Moscow.
  • MusicalLife 057
    With Percy Edwards (Evening Standard) and John Lill in Moscow.
  • MusicalLife 058
    With Dame Ruth Railton 35 years after she chose me to play with the National Youth Orchestra.
  • MusicalLife 059
    With Emmy Hürlimann the leading Swiss Harpist who was a friend for 40 years.
  • MusicalLife 060
    Cardiff 7/7/1991 together with Phia Berghout.
  • MusicalLife 061
    With Mary O' Hara
  • MusicalLife 062
    With Bryn Lewis, Karen Vaughan, Skaila Kanga and Elizabeth Frayling Cork in Dublin.
  • MusicalLife 063
    With Dame Joan Sutherland.
  • MusicalLife 064
    With Valery Gergiev at the rehearsal with the Orchestra for World Peace at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000.
  • MusicalLife 065
    Publicising the new Rover 75!
  • MusicalLife 066
    Publicising the new Rover 75!
  • MusicalLife 067
    With HRH Prince Charles at Gwydir Castle in North Wales.
  • MusicalLife 069
    With Ann Griffiths at a Harp Festival in Switzerland.
  • MusicalLife 070
    With Rostropovitch when we were made fellows of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. With my sisters Sue and Helen and Rostropovitch's wife Galina Vishnevskaya.
  • MusicalLife 071
    With Marielle Nordmann and Isabelle Moretti. Recently Marielle gave the celebratory Recital at Teignmouth to remember the bicentenary of Parish Alvars birth. It was the finest recital of Romantic Music for the harp that I have ever heard. Isabelle's recording of Rodrigo's "Concerto Serenata" and her recent performance of the Ginstera Concerto are quite wonderful and as close to the composers text as any harpist could achieve.
  • MusicalLife 072
    The great Italian harpist Clelia Gatti Aldrovandi who was the dedicatee of Hindemith's Harp Sonata
  • MusicalLife 073
    Waiting to "go on" - before a recital in Italy
  • MusicalLife 074
    David Watkins with an Erard single action harp
  • MusicalLife 075
    David Watkins with an Erard single action harp

MusicalLife 001
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