Cover: Three Folk SongsThe David Watkins Collection

VOLUME XIII - Three Folk Songs
for Violin & Harp
Arranged by David Watkins (harp) & Michael Bochmann (violin)

The Clergyman’s Lamentation
Moll in the Wadd
The Foggy, Foggy, Dew

Volume XIII  - RRP £8.00 + p&p

These tunes have been recorded by Michael Bochmann and David Watkins on the CD
"The Triumph of Time Part II"

The Clergyman's Lamentation: This haunting melody was written by the famous blind Irish harpist, O'Carolan. This Clergyman was sad, as for political reasons, he was not allowed to preach in his own church. Moll In The Wadd: We do not know who Moll was, or what she got stuck in, but this joyful Irish jig certainly released her from whatever it was perhaps a gangster gave her some money?!! The Foggy, Foggy, Dew: This is one of the most famous folk tunes from the British Isles with many different words to describe a rather delicate situations. However this young weaver is sensitive, caring and pragmatic.

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Sample of the music


Instrumentation Violin & Harp (with or without pedals)
Publisher David Watkins / Creighton's Collection
Catalogue No. DW013
ISMN 979-0-57046-031-1
Edition Date February 2011
Score Format A4 Stapled score and part
Duration 2' 44"; 1' 10" ; 1' 33" minutes
Grade Medium
Price  £8
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